WE STARTED smokin' IN 2010 with a small trailer and a smoker rigged to the back, WITH a mission to bring authentic, Memphis style BBQ to the Tampa Bay area.

Just Smokin' BBQ came from humble beginnings, with just a trailer, a smoker, and man who loves BBQ. Our Memphis style BBQ is born from a passion for delicious southern food that everyone can love. After five years of serving succulent BBQ to all of Tampa Bay, we are now driving around town in Brutus, our new and improved Just Smokin' BBQ food truck. 

But what exactly is Memphis style BBQ?

Memphis style BBQ is known for it's lsmoked meat, cooked on low heat for several hours, giving the pork and brisket a juicy, succulent taste. It's a science we've perfected with our custom made smoker attached to our truck. So you can be sure that your BBQ is being smoked to tender goodness every time you come visit us. Memphis style BBQ can be served "wet" (with sauce) or "dry" (without sauce), although we encourage you to try our dry rubbed ribs without sauce at first to fully experience our secret rub. Our special, secret ingredient dry rub has a Mediterranean flair and kick that you'll want to experience first hand! 

Stop and eat with us if you see our truck, Brutus roaming around town.

We promise you won't regret it!